Use Cases

Adtailor is virtually a solution for all companies with online business and B2C visitors and customers. .

Here are several examples of types of companies that benefit strongly from implementing Adtailor. In addition, you can also read some basic hints about how you can effectively use our solution. Though, the opportunities are limitless.

E-commerce Companies

Adtailor can be especially powerful for e-commerce. We make precision-targeting of your visitors easier than ever. .

There are many ways you can utilize Adtailor for achieving your e-commerce business goals. Here are some suggestions:

  • You can, for instance, offer or recommend those products from your portfolio that are most relevant to their social, economic or demographic profiles.
  • With Adtailor, you can also apply dynamic pricing of your products or services. Based on income and debt levels, you can offer credit or other payment plans for people with lower incomes or no access to traditional credit.
  • Adtailor’s API allows you to mash our data with any prior purchase history that you might have, creating an explosive and powerful combination
  • You can apply special deals or discounts, based on your buyer persona’s location, age, ethnicity and more.

Affiliate Marketers

Optimize your marketing & sales funnels and landing pages by improving the targeting of your audience — regardless of the traffic source. Adtailor works even for traffic that is already segmented.

For example, imagine you’re buying traffic from Facebook and you have already targeted women over 35. With Adtailor, you can further optimize your funnel by segmenting those customers based on extra variables, such as their ethnicity, income levels, health status, etc.

Publishers / Bloggers

Display more suggestive and relevant content on your front page. For instance, people who come from areas with high crime rates and lower than average income might be more interested in related stories rather than pumpkin pudding recipes.

In a different example, people in poorer health, with lower than average physical activity levels, indications of excessive drinking and a higher instance of fast food restaurants could be shown health and diet tips.

You can even tailor your website performance to age. FFor example, you can increase font or use contrasting color for senior visitors. Or display relevant advertising depending on age, ethnicity or location.

Dating Industry

Optimize your landing and pre-sale pages by displaying more relevant imagery, using just a few general variables such as age, ethnicity and income.

For instance, you can display a more mature Latin woman for Latin American visitors of age 45 and over.

Email Marketers

You can gain instant insight into your openers’ profiles and change your message’s content on the fly for them.

As an example, imagine if you are marketing an educational product. You can instantly display more relevant email copy, improving your CTR and ROI. After all, the scenario of offering a college degree to college grads is bound to be a failure in almost all cases.