Adtailor Software Features

Easy & safe one-time integration

All you need to do to integrate Adtailor is to insert a short Java Script code snippet to your site. Throughout the process, you’ll receive from us API documentation, implementation tips and tricks and, of course, support and assistance.

30+ targeting options

You can use more than 30 targeting options, based on your visitors’ demographics, lifestyle, interests, health profile and even the technology they use. Combine those variables the way it suits your business needs, so that you can gain maximum value from targeting.

Real-Time Content Optimization

Customize your web content with Adtailor profiling and intelligence in every way that suits your business. Based on your unique business needs and target audience, you can tailor your:

  • Landing Pages;
  • Banner ads;
  • Offers;
  • CTAs;
  • Images;
  • Articles;
  • Website text;
  • Editorial content;
  • And more

Real-time visual analytics

Make faster, better and more adequate decisions by using our range of intuitive visual and geographically displayed analytics.

With Adtailor, complex information is being effectively simplified, and the results are being displayed instantaneously.

Performance reports

You can choose what types of data you want to be cross-checked and analyzed. Then you can extract the reports you need and see the performance for a period of time of your own choice.


Cloud-based servers, big data scalability. We deliver the right solution.

Your business demands grow bigger and you’d like to tailor even more content? Adtailor is an easy-to-scale software. We can grow as you grow, meaning that you can change your plans and services you get from us as needed.

Safe & Secure for your business

Adtailor is a safe and secure solution for your system. It’s blazingly fast and loads quicker than most third–party pixels or software solutions.

Even if there is a technical issue on our end (e.g. we are being DDoS’ed by the bad guys) the locally–hosted script is fail–proof: if there is no definitive result obtained within X milliseconds, it will display the default content. That means Adtailor WILL NOT, in any way, affect your website’s performance.

All data gathered with Adtailor is and will remain only yours to use. Learn more about it in our privacy policy.