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  • Monthly Subscription

    Yearly Subscription Save up to 10% with Annual Subscription

  • Included detections per month*
  • Overage Fee** charged when the included detections are surpassed


  • $ 99.00 / p.a.
  • 100 000
  • $49.00


  • $ 299.00 / p.a.
  • 1 mil.
  • $29.00


  • $ 599.00 / p.a.
  • 3 mil.
  • $9.00
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All subscription plans include:

*What is a detection?

Each time Adtailor returns a complete customer profile to you, regardless of the number of variables attached, one detection is registered.

For example, let’s assume you’d like to tailor specific content to your visitors based on their: age, ethnicity, location, income and level of unemployment. You can use those variables in combination for a more detailed profile of your visitors, creating an accurate buyer persona. However, it will be counted only as a single detection every time a visitor lands on your ad or page.

Overage fee is applied when you surpass the monthly detections included in your plan. In that case, your credit card will be automatically charged. If you are using annual subscription, the amount will be deducted from your current balance.

The overage fee provides you with a 100 000 additional detections and is charged accordingly:

How does the pricing work?

After your initial 1-month free trial is over you can subscribe to one of our pricing plans as a subscription service.

When you see the results you can easily scale and upgrade to a bigger plan.

Monthly or Annual Subscription?

It’s up to you. Adtailor gives you the flexibility to choose which of our two billing cycles you’d prefer:

How does “Annual Billing” work?

At Adtailor, we always aim for creating long-term and sustainable value for our customers. This is why we are convinced that using our solution for a longer period of time brings better and lasting results.

Once you decide to use Adtailor for a year, we charge you for the amount, equal to a year’s service for your prefered plan, with the discount included.

If you upgrade to a larger plan with higher price or if you incur overage fees for using more detections than your original plan includes, your prepaid balance will reach zero before the 12 months have elapsed. Therefore, another payment will be due more quickly. Of course we will let you know in advance if that happens.

Why Annual Subscription?

We encourage you to use Adtailor for a full uninterrupted year, because: