How Adtailor Works

Engaged Visitors. Increased Conversions. All in Real Time.

Adtailor is the world’s first ever big data audience profiler designed to deliver unrivaled experience to every web visitor.

Here’s How.

Based on geographic and technological factors coupled with publicly available information and data from 3rd party sources Adtailor conducts a predicative analysis and estimates the likelihood of a visitor’s demographic and technographic profile.

The system then creates a visitor profile and matches it with content you tailored for that persona.

All in real-time.

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Insert a short JavaScript code to integrate your site with Adtailor’s data.

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Using Javascript, tailor content on your website. You can tailor any part of the page, content, images, ads, navigation… Note: we can also assist you with the process.


Dynamically display relevant content to each visitor landing on the page.

Adtailor offers a choice of 40 demographic, socioeconomic and technographic parameters you can use to profile visitors. These parameters can be used together or in any possible combination. For instance, on average, Adtailor customers use 3-5 parameters per page.

Check out some example implementations.

Note: Adtailor currently works for visitors from US, Canada, UK and Australia. Other major European countries will follow soon.

Who is it for:

Ecommerce Stores

With Adtailor you can recommend products that match your customers’ social, demographic or economic profiles. Or dynamically apply discounts and offers they are most likely to engage with.

Affiliate Marketers

Adtailor helps tailor landing pages with information relevant to every individual visitor. Match content to their ethnicity, income, health status, gender, age and other variables.

High Profile Publications

Adtailor allows to display information relevant to users’ lifestyle, location, income, health status or interests.

More Use Cases