About Us

Founded in 2014, we harness the power of big data to fundamentally change the world of digital marketing. We take complex sets of data and advanced predictive algorithms and package them into an accessible audience profiling solution.

We take complex sets of data and advanced predictive algorighms and package them into an accessible audience profiling solution.

Our Mission & Vision

Adtailor was created purely out of a business need. We started by solving a problem we actually faced: our visitors kept seeing the same generic content — even though they are all very different human beings.

In the ocean of content we see every day, only the most relevant gets noticed. Yet the vast majority of websites display content and ads irrespective of their visitors’ diverse lifestyles, financial situation, social and health status or needs. We all see the same generic offers, similar products recommendations and are bombarded with identical, annoying ads — so much so many of us have resorted to using adblockers.

This is where Adtailor comes in.

Because one size does not fit all...

Adtailor is the world’s first big data audience profiler, designed to engage visitors with customized ads and content that matters to them — in real time. Our patented data cloud algorithms help you gain unprecedented insight into your visitors, letting you optimize pages on the fly, display more relevant content, and ads that people may actually click on.

We strive to make big data accessible and usable for online businesses of any size and industry. Our results speak for themselves. After just a week of using Adtailor, you will notice less bounced visitors, better click-through rates, significantly increased engagement and more conversions.

We help you optimize your ad spend, convert more visitors into paying customers, and increase revenue and profitability.

Meet the team

Kroum Vassilev


Internet entrepreneur with 15 years of hands-on experience in ecommerce, analytics and performance marketing. I’m a self–professed big data enthusiast who loves the experience of new places and cultures — and how technology transforms them.

Yulian Yordanov

(Co-founder and Chief Software Architect)

Software engineer with over 20 years of experience programming in C++, Java, SQL. Lately, I’ve been fascinated by big data and NoSQL. More than 25 years of experience in martial arts help me remain calm and focused when faced with technical challenges.

Petya Grozdarska

(Marketing and Social Media Manager)

Inbound marketing specialist and a tech savvy enthusiast who likes both creating campaigns and reading insights. I’m passionate about developing new skills and travelling in my spare time.

Betty Stefanova

(Marketing and Social Media Consultant)

Digital marketing specialist with a background in analytics and online reputation management, I strive to help brands thrive in the exciting digital environment.

Denny Prodanova

(Business Development Executive)

Business development professional with solid background in ICT. I’m fascinated by innovative software solutions and the way they can impact and help markets, societies and people as a whole.

Momchil Momchilov

(Sales Executive)

Bizdev professional & online marketing enthusiast. I enjoy new tech trends, hiking, and volleyball. Love giving value to others & sharing positive vibes.