Benefits of using Adtailor

Real time precision targeting

Get instant results! Adtailor profiles each visitor before your page or ad even loads. That means you can create tailored experience on your site for your various visitors.

Enhanced user experience

Build a deep connection by displaying information, highly relevant to your visitors’ lifestyle, location, income or interests. Relevant data means better user experience, each time your website loads.

Highly engaged audience

Engage your online visitors with information they need and care about. Respect your online audience, providing content that is relevant each time they visit your website.

Increased conversions

Display offers and incentives guaranteed to enchant your customers. Make them act upon your marketing messages, tailored for each customer segment. Or simply give them the information they care about and look for first. After all, the more relevant and interesting your content is for their unique needs, the higher is the chance for action.

Reduced bounce rates

Make them want to stay! Help your visitors discover the most relevant content for them within seconds. Show only those services, products or information, ensured to engage a particular user instantly. Personalized experience guarantees better results both for you and your clients.

Unmatched customer insights = real data analytics

Use Adtailor’s data rich reports and analytics to have more detailed information about your online visitors and customers. You can cross match that information with other analytical tools you use, so that you can clarify the big picture for your business. Achieve more adequate decision making based on real data analysis.

Optimized sales funnel

Converting prospects through your marketing funnel equals revenue, no matter what business you’re in. With Adtailor, you can get far more back end data about your visitors, which you and your sales team can use to reduce your sales cycles and improve the process efficiency.

Long term value and ROI

Using Adtailor increases online sales by an average of 9% depending on your business and implementation methods.

Implementing Innovation

We all strive for constant improvement and innovation. Adtailor brings the value of what you do directly to your online audience, so you can improve and innovate in real time.